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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Sewing again... and GREAT NEWS

Yes!  I'm sewing again!  I found a little scrap of fabric from a quilt I made for my mother 2 years ago.  It is berries - and so I thought I would make some pie.  Check it out!  It's the best pie I've ever made:

and another pie...

and another pie... (why it is sideways is BEYOND me)

and just one more... (pie in the sky)

I hope to take these to the gift shop at the Berry Barn, and sell them there.  

But if not... I'll post them on my ETSY SHOP!  Yes, I really really did it.  I figured the darn thing out.  lol  It needs some serious tweaking, but like mom says, "nothing to it but to do it".  She's really right.  Nothing stops my except my own fears and insecurities.

So here it is:  "My Sweet Prairie"...  hmmm.  how do I get a link on here.  ?  I did it on facebook...


Oh whatever...
anyhow, one of the 'curators' on etsy marked 2 of my items as "favorite picks" (out of 16 newbies).  I was SO in awe.  Little victories, you know?  Little fears completely overcome.  It's so good.

I did a few more landscape postcards as well.  Some of my "Spring as Far as the Eye Can See", but without the dark storm clouds.

I love those birdies so much!!

And Farmers' Fields with a River Running Through.  I looked at areal photos of the land around Saskatoon and was surprised at how well groomed those crops are!  If you look, you'll notice a couple distinct methods.  It's really neat - like quilting o the land!  lol  It's so cool!

Here is what the backs look like:

Goodnight all.

1 comment:

3 lil angels' momma said...

i've got to make myself one of those 1973 vintage "every-body" bikinis . . . LOL . . . congrats on opening up your own etsy business, way to go monika!

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