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Monday, 13 August 2018

Saskatoon Morning

Artists often wonder if anyone ever bothers to read the 'Artist Statement' that we are required to write for applications and exhibitions.  Of course, I was asked to write one for my show, 'Gathering Places'.  This time, I didn't mind because I knew I had a specific story to tell. I just told it like it is.  (It's two blog posts back if you need to see it.)

Leisha Grebinski from CBC was in the library and happened to notice the Gallery.  My Artist Statement is posted there on the wall.  She went in and read it... for real! What she read made enough of an impression that she phoned me up for an interview to share the story with more people. How sweet is that!? Leisha is the host for Saskatoon Morning on our local radio station. I went in last week for a live in-studio interview. I was so very thrilled!

Here is the interview if you would like to listen in!  : )  Thank you so much CBC Radio!

The exhibition is up on the second floor until August 30th. The Frances Morrison Library is wheelchair/walker/stroller accessible and open Monday thru Saturday in downtown Saskatoon.

Prairie Lily
12 x 12"

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Squee! You know you've arrived as someone when the CBC interviews you.

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