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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Something Special for Sidney

Sidney is the daughter of a friend of mine.  In preparation for June awards nights and graduation from highschool, they dreamed up a sash/cumberbund for Sidney to wear around her dress.  They were unable to find a Metis person who could bead it in time, and so they approached me to see if I could threadpaint on one for them.  OF COURSE I said yes, though I had no idea exactly how I was going to carry this through.

I suggested to Sidney that she research some Indigenous plants and flowers, and select the ones that have personal meaning for her.  She came back to me with three:  Wild red roses, Nicotine/Tobacco flowers, and Bearberries.  She sketched them out in the design of her choice, and then handed them over to me with some gorgeous black velvet to work on.

I did some source photo searching to make sure I have the details of each plant correct.  I think I pulled it off!  Tobacco leaves are really huge though, and so the leaves on this sash were reduced. Otherwise, it was finished!  I did it all with free motion stitching, and even added a few beads.

Sidney picked a Red Rose for the cente front of the sash,  I added 12 beads.

I'm thrilled that it worked out!!  It was hard to photograph since it's 2 inches wide and a couple feet long.  I rolled it up to help show all the parts.  : )

On either side of the Rose are Tobacco flowers, with Bearberries trailing back around the waist.

Once I was done, I needed to know how short to cut it (SCARY!).  I had Sidney and her mom come over so we could fit it and decide how the project would be finished.  I put her outside on my deck, set up a big mirror, made her close her eyes while her mom put it around her, and then let her look!!  It was SO exciting, so fun.  We were laughing and crying.  lol  It was quite the moment.

Isn't that look amazing?!  That was last week, and I am still choked up trying to write about it.  So... we measured, then I cut and finished the edges. I added grommets into the ends so that she could lace it on at the back with thin leather ties.  It's really incredible and I am so honoured to have been asked.

Measure five times, cut once.  We may have even measured more that that.

Here's what happened.  Sidney was nominated for the Achievement Award (female) at the 19th Annual Indigenous Youth Awards here in Saskatoon.  She stood on the stage, wearing this over a long red satin gown.  You HAVE to see this...  Here's the Youtube video of a short version of the awards night.  My gosh if you've ever felt inadequate, the list of accomplishments for this teenager will certainly do you in.  Kids like these are our future!  They are all outstanding.

CONGRATULATIONS Sidney Ray Shacter.  SHE WON.  I can't imagine how elated she must have been!  Her mom is so proud of her.  We ALL are.

Isn't that the best story you've heard in a long time!?  : )

Have a beautiful day,


Karen said...

Absolutely THE best - congrats to both Sidney and you for tremendous accomplishments.

Giddings Art said...

Your work is beautiful!! Sidney is an amazing young woman and looked gorgeous in her red satin gown! The look on her face showed how much she loved the sash. I also enjoyed watching her receive her award!

Ruth Camack said...

Fantastic job by both of you. It's wonderful to read good things about our younger generation.

Was it hard to stitch on the velvet for you. I found it very difficult. Any tips you could share about stitching on velvet?
I do enjoy your work very much and thanks for sharing.

Lindafromnm said...

What a beautiful piece of art you did for this very special young lady. It was a thrill to read how this came to be and how you graciously jumped at the chance to make this happen for her. Thank you for sharing Monika.

Dahn said...

There are not enough words to say how incredible this is--both the honour of making this sash, and for the outstanding merits this young lady has. And the sash is just beautiful. Shivers...

Patti said...

This young lady is an outstanding example of to work hard and shine! I don't even have words for the beauty of the sash you stitched for her, Monika! You are indeed a very talented and generous artist.

Lin said...

Beautiful piece of work Monika for a talented young lady. xx

Janice Smith said...

What an exceptional young lady! Thank you for sharing this video with us.

What Comes Next? said...

So beautiful! Congratulations to Sidney!

Margaret said...

Such a beautiful project -- and tribute to a gifted young woman! Congratulations to both of you!

Amber Heard said...

Simply Beautiful Objects Embroidery Designs! Thanks for Sharing .

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