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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Winter Solstice!  We've had a snowless winter so far.  There was still green grass when the November frost came.

raspberry leaves in my back yard

I love to photograph winter light and soft frost covered palletes.

clematis vines in my yard

Then came the Winter Solstice.  It arrived here in Saskatoon at 4:44 am on December 21st.  As is our family tradition, we headed out to greet the morning sun.  These photos were good and late of course, around 9:30 am.

cell phone camera xo

Just like magic, THERE IT IS!  The sun rose up so quietly and the golden light just spilled over everything.  I can't tell you how much I adore this moment.  Unfortunately, it occurred after my kids went to school that day, so just my husband and me and my dog went out.

the tallest grasses catch the morning light first

Winter light is just so incredibly beautiful.  It was so still and quiet, hardly any snow and no wind.  Even our temperatures were above 0 that day.  Every year is different.

We headed back home, cleaned up the house and got the turkey ready.  Once everyone was home after school, we enjoyed a BIG meal - best so far!  And then we waited for the night to open our gifts, as is our tradition.  It was a nice night - a little extra special this time around as we added a seat for my oldest child's sweetheart around our table.  : )  They're growing up!  o my goodness.  It was the first year there were no toys under the tree.  The kids got gifts of makeup and sketch pads, tea and framed art.  Only the family dog hopped around like a happy little toddler.   : )

curly grasses coated in sparkles and sunshine

Later, I sat beside my husband to play a board game at the kitchen table.  Both of us, a little rounder with greying hair and donning our new reading glasses.  I looked at him and admired how handsome he is becoming, and reflected on what a different place we are in now.  I sure love my family.

I hope your Solstice was a meaningful one!  Enjoy your winter wherever you are.


1 comment:

Lin said...

Beautiful pictures Monika and a lovely family tradition - long may it last. xx

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