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Thursday, 20 October 2016


Hey, check it out!  I have another visiting artist contract with the Children's Discovery Museum on the Saskatchewan!

The idea behind STORYSCAPES is to have a program where people from a variety of mediums come in to do hands on activities exploring storytelling with children & their families.  For instance, there may be storytelling through music, through drama, through literature, puppetry, and through dance/movement as an example.  First up is me, for story telling via visual art.  : )  With my medium of textile/fabric, I thought what fun it would be to explore storytelling with quilts!  There's a long history there of meanings and hidden symbolism in quilts, quilt blocks, and even stories in the fabrics themselves!  And so the families that come in will get a show and tell first, and then will be creating their own symbolic story on heavy paper with fabric-collaged quilt blocks.  I will be leading one group on Wednesday in the Market Mall, and one next weekend at Station 20 West through the Mother's Centre.

If you would like to keep in the loop of their upcoming programming, you can go to the CDM website HERE.  Thank you to the CDM, CHEP, Mother's Centre & Station 20 West for supporting this.  I'm bringing some of my quilts and borrowing quilts from Kari S & Judith G in Saskatoon (thank you !!). Thanks also to the funding provided by SaskCulture, SaskLotteries, and the City of Saskatoon for making this a free event (see details on the poster re: museum drop in fees).

... and now I get to shop for the supplies!  FUN.  : )

Have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Oh my Monika, this sounds so much fun! Take care and love your work!

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