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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Things I Love Thursday

I realize this post might show up on your feed for Friday, but here it is nonetheless.  I hope you enjoy.

While in the Battlefords, I stayed with a friend from highschool.  It was great!  It was like a slumber party each night.  We laid around on the sofas in our jammies and watched comedies like Sex in the CIty and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt until late at night.  Four nights in a row!  It was pretty sweet.  The market was super busy for me, so I adored the down time with her.

On the last night, the light was just so good, and I said to her, 'Let's get out.  Let's go see the sky and find pretty things to photograph.'  So at that magical hour of evening light, she directed me to some public gardens, both in relation to the Allen Sapp Gallery there.  One was a look out point on King Hill.  The other was behind the Allen Sapp Gallery.  There's a garden planted that is full of traditional First Nations medicinal plants used for ceremonies and healing  It was beautiful!

King Hill was LOADED with Goldenrod and Prairie Coneflowers!  It was incredible.  Each blade of grass seemed to have colour streaked throughout.

And then - shots behind the gallery:

Loads of bergamot, grasses, baby's breath....

Oh my goodness, I cannot even express how much I love that last photo I took!  xoxox

The sun was setting but the tallest blooms caught the light.  Oh this mallow was so incredible.

The garden was absolutely gorgeous.

Suddenly - we were swarmed by those darn mosquitoes, like vampires that come out after the sunshine disappears.  We had to call it a night and make a run for the vehicle.

Thank you Melissa!  Thanks so much also for helping me out at the 3 day market so I could stop to eat food.  lol  That's important!  : )

Have a beautiful day!!

1 comment:

Lin said...

What a fantastic time! Stunning photographs. xx

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