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Friday, 1 July 2016

Bigger Stitch

I love stitching with yarn.  The fatter, the better.  I remember when I first started showing them.  I wasn't sure if they'd be 'approved' by folks who know me for my Prairie Threadpaintings.  Some do, some don't.  In the end, it doesn't matter much.  There seems to be a very encouraging audience for both.

Working with the yarn is different.  Working from my own (***always my own) photographs, sketching them in a fairly brief, colourful manner, and then stitching the sketched work out is so incredibly liberating.  I don't HAVE to make it look like the original scene.  I couldn't figure how to get away from realistic landscapes with thread.  It's just always meticulous and detailed.  I can't seem help it.  Thick multicoloured fibres are perfect.

Good things have happened as a result.  First - getting involved with Handmade House 2 summers ago was my first showcase of hand embroidery.  Hey!  I've been a member for one year now, by the way.  Shortly after that, I received a creative grant from the SK Arts Board just to explore yarn embroidery after a couple of failed attempts to have the threadwork supported.

But wait.  There's more. I got the best rejection letter ever!  No kidding.  I applied for an international art prize for parents who are artists.  Remember when that was going around?  I showcased my threadpaintings to them with just a few yarn embroideries.  The personal response back from the jury was basically, 'we want to see more of the yarns please!'.

It makes sense of course.  It is more creative.  It's expressive, experimental...  Impressionistic.

And so I took that rejection as huge pat on the back to, 'please keep moving in that direction!'

I have to say, teaching it is SUPER fun.  Creative classes are always so liberating compared to technical classes, though I try to ensure mine have a balance of both.

Last year, I approached Hues Art Supply store about an exhibition of my threadpaintings.  Meh.  He seemed leary.  He asked me what else I had.  I showed him the results of work created from the SK Arts Board Grant - yarn embroideries.  Ohhh - let's do this for a show, he said.

Well, the time is fast approaching.  I have the month of July to showcase my newest work alongside the sketches from which they originated.  That's very exciting!  Here you go - here's the show poster.

All work is available for sale.  The reception is set for Saturday June 9 from 2 to 4 pm (one weekend after Canada Day).  Hues is at the 'crooked intersection' at Lorne & Taylor.  I'm a little nervous about viewing the high spots above the back shelves, as they aren't big paintings. As far as hand embroidery goes, they are a good size.   However, I hope you will enjoy the colour and texture.  Maybe pick up some art supplies for yourself while you are there.

See you soon!  : )

1 comment:

Lin said...

Good luck with the exhibition Monika. xx

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