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Sunday, 19 June 2016

We Really Tied One On!

Yesterday, we were on Broadway for SOMO fest, so while I was there, I was able to get some good photos of the construction fences for you!  : )

I took a photo of each individual panel, and while we looked it all over, we found some really terrific additions!  Thank you whomever you are .., you made my day!

Above, a girl!  Looks like a dolly.  How did they DO that!?  : )  WOW.

And below - of course if you are creating prairies, you have to have the weather as part of the landscape.  There's nothing like a good storm.  THIS was brilliant!

Isn't that cool!?

The last panel is now finished, based on 'Prairie City' that is touring with Dimensions 2015 (soon to show in the Chapel gallery in North Battelford fyi).  It's currently crammed in a hallway after putting it together at the SK Craft Council with staff and summer students.  It will get added.

some little birdie added a nest!  xo

Where to begin naming great things that came out of this?  Well... it was FUN.  It was Prairie.  It was public.  It was fibre.  It was community.  It's images are spreading like wildfire on social media too!  In fact, there is now a great big woven fabric installation on fences in Weyburn (you can look up Jaynie Himsl on Facebook to see).  How fun!  Anyone can do this, but you do require permission from construction sites and from the city or school.  So - take it easy out there!  Make sure it's welcomed first.  And I would like to stress using bedsheets and curtains that are not fit for donating / reuse.  Tearing up usable bedding seems just plain wrong.  If you make sure you use things on their last legs, then it's usually also free.  How great is that?  This fabric cost us nothing.

It's fun to see the sense of pride from those who helped 'tie one on'.  Again, thank you to all volunteers, artists Mo Junk and Wendy Sharpe, everyone at the BBID and the Saskatchewan Craft Council for helping dream this up and invite me in.

Last week, I went down to the site to meet Josh from CBC Radio!  He asked for an interview and the very next morning, it was on at 8am sharp on the Saskatoon Morning show.  How fun!  

CBC Radio Saskatoon Morning

I do not have a clip of it - which is rather tragic, because in my opinion, the best part of it was recording the sound effect that are so iconic to CBC radio news report.  THE BEST!  lol  However, this is here if you'd like to see it.

Enjoy!  p.s. it will be up until the construction is over.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Verna G said...

Drove down Broadway to church on Sunday and there it was! Really delightful Monica! A great touch to Broadway as they go through a difficult summer.

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