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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Things I Love Thursday

Wow - it's JUNE?  That came so fast.  I LOVE the flowers and the greenery!  Being able to spend a few days at Olds College was SUPERB when it came to looking for inspiration.

There were so many great textures and patterns.  It was terrific.  I had to force myself to stop taking photos and get back to class!  : )

This patch was popular.

And then I made it to Calgary where I'm staying with an old friend.  After a 6 hr day on the highway followed by 3 busy busy days with the Fibre PotPourri event, I am ready for a much needed break.

And of course, with the down time comes illness.  So I'm sleeping a lot, stitching in between, and shopping to gather supplies for the weekend when I am up to it.

5 days turned out to be a retreat

I find myself 'stuck' in this space for 5 days - a gorgeous sun room, with 8 huge windows including 3 on the ceiling.  It's fantastic.  I have been filling up sketch pages from the garden and embroidering more class samples for the weekend.  I'm living, sleeping, and creating in this big room.  It's a completely unexpected but highly desired art retreat for me.  I just looked around the room one morning and realized - WOAH!  HERE I AM!  Artist in Residence.  I've only dreamed of this, and I honestly can hardly believe it's REAL.  I was expecting a squishy little spare bedroom to myself.  THIS is JUST what I've dreamed for.  If I'm lucky, I'll feel up to a day trip to the mountains before I head to the next town.

: )

1 comment:

Lin said...

Stunning pictures Monika - lots of inspiration there. And that room looks amazing. Hope you are feeling better. xx

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