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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Threadpainting Late Summer

I really enjoy machine threadpainting and hand embroidery.  They are such different experiences, and working on my art full time makes going back and forth between the two techniques much more enjoyable.  There's never a dull moment.  Here's a threadpainting commission in progress.  It's not the cornfield yet.  This one came first, it's a scene taken by a family as they drive to their lake.  As usual, I start with 2 pieces of fabric - one sky and one land.  I keep the image up on my monitor for reference.  It's a pretty organic process.  Away I go...

I start back to front usually, building up as I go.  This is bare bones right now, and I have a lot of shading and colours to add.

I like to see it from all view points.  I work sideways and upside down.  It helps me to see things I hadn't noticed before.  (Plus, this is how I navigate when I drive. I have to turn the map when I turn the vehicle.)

Sewing upside down...

And now I'm pretty much done the hills.  The foreground has a field, reeds, trees, water and ducks!  So I have my work cut out for me.  This piece is pretty large, at 9x9" / 23cm square.  It will be framed to 15x15".  : )

- - - - -
insert time lapse here
- - - - -

Hello again!
Fast forward a week later, and here it is.  I just finished last night.  Tomorrow I head to the framer's.

I'm nearly done the cornfield commission too!  I'll show you that one next.  : )

Have a beautiful day


Jacqueline Bonneau said...

Absolutely beautiful, Monika

Anonymous said...

wow...you did an amazing job!!!!

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