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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Handwork Published! and Friday Finishes

Yes - AGAIN.  : )  This time you can find my yarn embroideries in the pages of NORO Magazine.

Knitting magazine based on Noro Yarns

I found this publication while standing in line at Michael's Craft Store.  I adore NORO yarns.  When I leafed through the last issue, I noticed an article about an artist who creates art scarves with NORO, couching them and stitching on soluble.  Well, I couldn't resist.  I had been doing yarn embroideries for about a year, but only recently feeling like I'm coming in to my own and creatiing a recognizable grouping of art.  I gave them some images and they got back to me right away about doing an interview.  !   I think the email reply said, 'our deadline is next week.  Can you provide images and be available for an interview before them?'

Well gee.  I wasn't about to say no.  The only problem was that I had only one embroidery done solely with NORO yarns!!  I cleared my calendar and did nothing but stitch for five days and nights.  I created some crap.  I also created some gems that I am very excited about.  And so I sent images of my brand new pieces along to Soho Publishing just prior to the deadline.  Talk about flying by the seat of my pants!!  lol  Of course if it wasn't working out, I would have no problem declining... but I had to give it my best shot.

September Winds, 2015 4x4 inches (available)

Early the following week, I was interviewed over the telephone by a journalist in New York.  She was AWESOME to talk with.  And so - it's been a long wait.  This magazine issue has been on the shelves in the US for a couple weeks now.  It just arrived in Canada.  (Coincidentally, Michaels carries the magazine but not the yarn.  Prairie Lily Knitting in Saskatoon carries the yarn, but not the magazine.)  You can also get both from the NORO Website.  The yarns are terrific for me because of the colours available in just one ball.  It's perfect for art.  In fact, I thing the yarn IS art.

Now I make more embroideries on black, framed it black which looks so sharp.  I have more for sale directly and available exclusively at Handmade House in Saskatoon.  Here are a few of my latest.

Spring at Cranberry Flats, 2015

This is how they look framed...

Spring at Cranberry Flats, 2015
4.5x4.5 inches in an 8" frame (available)

Canola, 2015
4.5x4.5 inches in an 8" frame (available)

I did it all with Noro yarns!  This next one is 5"x16" and has a few different yarns in.  It's done on black and framed in a similar style.  I love it.  Stitching these are a real adventure for me.

Prairie Ditch, 2015
6x15 inches in a  9x17inch frame (available)

Here is my FAVOURITE so far...

The Grass is Greener, 2015
5x5" art(available)

Many of these are based on my oil pastel sketches.  They are all framed.  Some are here at my studio and some are hanging at Handmade House.

There you have it!  The magazine is also at all Shopper's Drug Mart locations, and so likely in a lot of other places in Canada.  Beware.  The article is small, but the photos are BIG.  Look at the size of those French Knots!  lol  You can eat them for breakfast.  There are two little 4.5" embroideries that got a full page spread.

Thank you so much Noro Magazine, Noro Yarn, and especially to Renee Lorion in New York who did the interview.  What a treat!!

look how big 'September Winds' is!!  : )

p.s. in Saskatoon, Prairie Lily Knitting carries a selection of Noro / Silk Garden.  That's where I bought mine.  : )


Nicki said...

Congrats Monika! You are rockin' the real world... and the yarn world!
XO Nicki

Jo Vandermey said...


KaHolly said...

A big congratulations to you! Your work is lovely!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

congratulations!! Great work.

Lin said...

Congratulations Monika and I love the black framed pieces. xx

Valerie said...

Congratulations on being published in Noro magazine! Great work!

Karen said...

Awesome stuff, Monika. Congrats!!

Nicole said...

Your stuff is just so darn good. Congrats on being published!

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