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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Teaching Time!

Now that the shows are over and the galleries are stocked, I'm shifting over into teaching mode once again.  First, I am heading west to Innisfail AB to do a Threadpainting class for a quilting group there.  After I come back home, I head east to run a day long Postcards Workshop in Foam Lake, SK.  While I have all my supplies out and ready, I figured it's a great time to slot in some classes in my home studio.  If you are interested, Postcards will be the afternoon of Monday, November 16 (3 hrs, $30+kit) and Threadpainting will be the afternoon of Tuesday, November 17 (4 hrs, $40=kit).  Email me if you want a spot.  Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca  Monday is more creative and adventurous.  Tuesday is more technical and skill based.  Extra classroom machines are available for a $5 rental to cover maintenance.  : )

Janomes in my Studio

Right now, I'm getting the details prepared for a two day workshop I'm doing in Olds for the Fibre Pot Pourri weekend in the Spring of 2016.  It's a handwork / embroidery event and so I'm creating a new workshop for it based on what I's very excited about at the moment.  ; )  It will be all about going from Sketch to Stitch.  I took out some supplies and sat and waited for inspiration to come.  I thought, ' hmmm....  LOVE this bison photo I took several autumns ago.'

I love the sunlight on them.  And so I sketched it out with some horribly messy oil pastels.

I chose a group of five of them.  I dislike the sky, but I adore the grasses and the beasts in the sun.  And so with that positive experience under my belt, I did a couple more all based on personal photos I have kickin' around...

You likely know that one.  It's the 3 sweet shrubs at Cranberry Flats that I've stitched out many, many times.  I totally want to stitch this one with fat yarns on black.  I think it would be a blast.

My idea is to sketch out natural scenes like they were to be patterns for embroidery.  The lines are fairly thick and lend itself well to stitching.  Then I have all these Noro yarns which totally rock.

With just one ball, you get so many colour variations!  This is how I worked the Birch trees that sold at my open studio.  I'm so excited to do more and share it at the Workshop next spring.

Well.  Writing this post out is enough to inspire me to make more Noro embroideries!  I'm a tad addicted.  Linking to The Needle and Thread Network.  Now off to stitch : )

Have a lovely day,


KaHolly said...

Oh! Those birch trees! Your work is exquisite!

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Love the bison and grass!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

your work is so inspiring! Have fun with all your teaching!

Angela said...

Gorgeous work!

Lin said...

Good luck with the classes - wish I could be there! I love your pastel sketches. I have a couple of boxes of oil pastels languishing in the corner, I really ought to make use of them. Have you ever used the oil paint sticks? They work well on fabric and are heat set. They would make a great background to work into with those beautiful yarns. xx

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