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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Open Studio! : )

Oooh I'm done!  At least I'm done all I can for my Saturday Open Studio & Art Sale.  Everything is framed up.  I finished 45 postcards... in case you are wondering why I haven't really blogged much in the past 2 weeks.

I have my little Noro yarn embroideries lookin' sharp in their new frames.

I also have a few embroideries in small, deep frames like the one below.  That's been the hardest thing - figuring out a way to present the new work.  I settled on my framing style for my threadpaintings pretty early on, but the glassless yarns present a challenge.

So here I am.  44 postcards, a dozen mini threadpaintings, 8 framed prairie threadpaintings, 17 yarn embroideries, and a clean house!  WOO HOO!  Time to celebreate.  Drop in 1-8pm on Saturday October 17th.  My address is 351 Crean Crescent in Lakeview/Saskatoon.  If you are just wanting to hang out and visit, come by after supper and we can crack open a bottle of wine.  ; )

1 comment:

C. Heinrichs Good Earth Quilting said...

Congrats on reaching another mini milestone. I'd love to drop by after supper for a glass of wine. I'll have to do that at my house.

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