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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Reflection on Happy

Thanks so much to everyone who checked out the new website, shared it (nearly 200 shares on FB - WOW WOW), and for all the email signups.  That's outstanding!  I am only now recovered from the mental exhaustion of making that website.  That was so much stress and focus.  It took days and days.  Thank goodness it's done.  I really love it.  My husband said, 'I just can't stop looking at your website! It's so beautiful!'  I must say - I used to think the cost to pay someone else to make your website was super expensive.  Now that I've done it though, I think website developers are worth every penny.  !

sold art from a few years ago... on my website

Today I brought in a handful of my yarn embroideries for framing at Cindy Moleski's.  I've been getting my work framed there since my first big show in Winnipeg.  I can't wait to see how they look!  Some will head off to Handmade House.  All are for sale.  If anyone is interested in purchasing, the ones that are available are titled as such on the website.  I can ship worldwide.  I'll add new ones to the site as they come.  Minis too!  They don't make the website, but I put them here and on facebook.

Tomorrow I'm off to Handmade House.  I am brought in some minis earlier in the week, but have a couple more autumn scenes finished up that I'll put on my shelf there.  I know I've blabbed on and on about this, but I really enjoy it there.  I come away with great stories each time.  Last week, I watched a customer get teary eyed and choked up over one of my threadpaintings. 'This brings back so many memories,' she said as she held just a couple inches of prairie in her hands.  I introduced myself as the artist and we talked for a long time together.  Suddenly she panicked at the moment she though about an expired parking meter!  We said a quick goodbye and out she ran.  She took my contact information, so - if it's you reading this and you did get a ticket, please come back to the shop on a Friday and let me know!  I have a 'make it up to you' plan...

mini threadpaintings in 3" frames

Thanks everyone for your purchases at Handmade House & The Craft Council.  Those locations plus the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina all need to be stocked extra by the end of the fall.  I have my work cut out for me, so between those locations plus a couple fall sales, I decided again to postpone the Centre Galleries.  I like to keep my calendar cleared enough in order to take on a few commissions for the holidays.  Things are going really great and I feel I have a method - a balance happening right now and I don't want to tip it.

Come back tomorrow and see - I'm working on a bigger commissioned threadpainting.  I always take lots of process photos, so I have a post waiting for you! : )

Have a great long weekend friends,


Dahn said...

Love these minis--lets people with excellent taste but little $$ have one of your pieces.

Jacqueline Bonneau said...

You are an amazing and talented lady. God Bless.

Lin said...

Lovely work again Monika. If that little mini with the Black Eyed Susans? is still for sale can you let me know please? xx

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