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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Yarn Speak

Earlier in the year, I did a project article for the UK Embroidery Guild's Stitch magazine entitled, Letting the Yarn Speak.  It was about stitching with variegated yarns and changing the stitch when the colour changed - literally letting the yarn dictate the stitches.  I've done a few samples, inspired by an experiment I did that ended up in the Prairies show with Focus on Fibre Arts last spring.  With the end of my grant deadline fast approaching, I suddenly BURST with the desire to do just one more embroidery...

I'm so happy I did!  It's 8 inches / 20cm square.  It consists of seed stitches, and three knots: blue French Knots and Colonial knots, and yellow Sorbello Knots.

It's a good size (ignore the oversized pen there, it's throwing off the perspective!).  It's really quite full of texture too!

I just want to JUMP RIGHT IN!  ; )

I had a fun time photographing it's lusciousness!  : )  Stitching it took a long, long long many days.  Using these yarns was no nice though.  Each stitch was like a swoosh of blended paint.

I had originally stitched the top third of it with single French Knots of yellow, and decided it was horrid.  I cut them all out.  I changed to these big Sorbello Knots which look much less boring.

plus... yellow rhymed with sorbello.  lol

It doesn't have a name yes, and won't be framed for a couple weeks.  But... ta-da!  : ) I don't know if these images do it justice.  I am really proud of it, and proud of myself for not tossing it half way through.  In hand stitching, the 'ugly phase' seems to drag on a bit.  I perservered!

Next project, I plan to set a timer each time I sit to work to see how long these things really take.  : )  I'm really proud of this new body of work.  I have a couple pieces at HandMade House and last week I got the most wonderful reactions.  It's exciting to be there when it happens!  This one might just end up in Handmade House unless it gets snapped up beforehand.  My new work is moving pretty fast so if you ever see something you like, just say so.  Otherwise, I'll let you know when the next show & sale is.  There's one in September just outside of Saskatoon.

Enjoy the summer!


Maureen said...

Love this piece..what type of yarn do you use? Pure wool?

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Thanks! I use blends. I love anything with silk but I use acrylics too. It's the same way with thread. I am mostly looking for colours or sheen... so it doesn't matter what it's made from.
I have bison yarn... alpaca, merino, silk, linen, cotton, hemp, and synthetics too.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Beautifully done Monika and replacing the french knots with sorbello was an excellent decision.

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Its beautiful Monika!

Terri said...

As usual it is very beautiful, Monika. I love the texture, especially in the blue section it looks like the wind is blowing.

Lin said...

A beautiful piece Monika - that blue is so scrumptious! xx

Threadpainter said...

Those Sorbello knots have really made this piece ... can't imagine the French Knots looking quite as fabulous !
Wishing you great success at your sale !

Margaret said...

I keep telling people that you are Canada's answer to Jan Beaney...and I do believe I'm right! Wonderful new work, Monika!

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