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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I really look forward to Thursdays.  It's like a 'count my blessings' day.  Today I want to tell you how much I love the 'fans & followers' of my work.  I guess that means you!  ; )  I've had some really great emails from women who enjoyed the 'Let the Yarn Speak' article I had in Stitch UK earlier in the year.

It's really exciting for me to hear that my work influences others.  It's quite an honour!  A few people told me about how thrilled they were with the idea of letting the yarn speak and couldn't wait to try it out.  One woman in particular finished a rather large project!  She let the yarn colours dictate the stitches, and she let them dictate the entire composition.  She spent a long time on this and when she was done, she had it professionally framed and sent me a few photos.  It blew me away!  I love that she did exactly what I suggested in the article, and yet our pieces are so unique!  Her name is Marion Bicknell and I'm sharing this with her permission.  Below is her photo of the finished embroidery depicting a garden path.  The blocks of colour are the masses of flowers.  How beautiful.  It's like a garden map.  She mentioned in her letter to me how meditative this project was.  I agree.  There's something really relaxing when you don't have to make all the decisions.   You go by your feelings, without a pattern.  It is so interesting to experience.

Marion wrote, 'The exercise was a good one for me as I am such a precision, orderly person so I tried to let myself create the garden without planning or drawing.  When I thought I had enough of one colour I changed to the next colour.  The pattern/picture evolved and I decided to make a garden with a path.'  She used words like meditative, relaxing, and therapeutic.  Isn't that fantastic!?  Thank you Marion for sharing this.

What else happened... oh!  I received the most interesting and heartfelt letter mail this month from someone I don't think I've ever met, yet it was so personal and lovely.  This is from Nicole, and she sent me this stunning card filled with beautiful words, and a wonderful article!  In the article, I learned new words, like 'fizmer' (which is the sound the tall grasses make when they they move around in the bits of wind).  How wonderful!  : )

people are amazing

Fizmer.  I love it.

I can't explain how each of these people made my day so incredibly happy on such a deep level.  And - let it be known that I was having a very rough time when these sweet messages rolled in.  The timing was meant to be.

Have a lovely Thursday!  YAY - tomorrow I head to Handmade House.  : )


Dolores said...

Yes, things happen for a reason. I'm glad that they were of help to you when you needed them. The embroidery is beautiful.

Lin said...

I am so pleased that you are getting feedback from your articles - Marions 'Garden Path' is beautiful. So pleased. xx

Dahn said...

What an awesome post. You rock Monika. :-)

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