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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Hello!  I'll make this short and sweet but full of photos : )  First, the quiet, still, summer morning light in my garden...

Summer afternoon... a common sight in the city when there's a clear sky and barely a breeze in the air.

One evening, my friend took me to a public art studio for a pottery class.  I am not meant for this, but I did have a lot of fun!  : )

Summer night - enjoying a fire with the kids before bed.  I make the best of our stay-cations! : )

It was a great week.  : )  The Craft Council's gallery reception was a very festive event last Friday too!  When we left, we stepped right out onto the street to enjoy the Fringe Theatre Festival on Broadway.  The night before, Liam and I headed to Prairieland for the public stitching demo.  I got a lot of work done and am nearing completion on this now embroidery now!  : )

Work in Progress - Rocks, grasses, earth and flowers from Sutherland Beach Offleash  : )

Have a beautiful week!


Terri said...

I just enjoyed all your blogs since July 2 - when I saw it last. (I've been moving 2,000 miles East to Superior Wisconsin. I almost didn't leave your blog, and decided to come back and tell you so. It's a great place to be. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and the great attitude. You always renew my spirit.

Cindy Anderson said...

Thanks for the photo tour!

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