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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I really didn't know I would, but it turns out I love to yarn bomb!  I've led some 'bombing' activities in the past (remember my bicycle, the shopping cart, and the Children's Discovery Museum?) but I have never done an installation myself.

...that is, until I went to Weyburn.

I arrived to hang my art as part of the ArtWalk events.  Jaynie Himsl (fibre artist) is organizing the whole thing.  She put a ladder in my van, brought along a couple bags of yarn & thrift store remnants, and informed me that we'll be yarn bombing the downtown tonight.  HA!  I was like, okay. (!?)

It was fun!  We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  It seems the more we did, the more creative we got.  We worked until it was too dark to see, then headed back to her place where we prepared some more pieces for the next morning.

I am loving this!  The coolest thing about what we did was that most of it MOVES.  One tree is covered in tassles and just the slightest breeze has it waving at you as you walk by.  SO LOVELY!!!

*Jaynie would like folks to know that anyone can pitch in with this decorating.  It will be removed at the end of August.
*I would like you to know that with the heat and lack of rain, these installations dry FAST and the trees won't be harmed.

Monika  late night selfie with Jaynie outside Investors Group

p.s.  We decorated four trees, 2 bike lock stands, and one post while we were there.  I love it!  We even managed to get noticed by a reporter.  (**You can read it here: Linked)

Happy Thursday!


Hastypearl said...

What a great treat that would be, to walk up and be surprised! Too bad you have to take them down:(! Laura

Terri said...

Oh you are soooooo (old lady) naughty. Like graffiti only removable. I like it.

Lin said...

Sounds like great fun. xx

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