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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hello April!

Well, I fooled a whole lot of folks on Facebook!  On my art page, I posted that I have a new position starting September 1st as the TV host for a Canadian Fibre Arts program.  hehe.   It's not true.  It was an April Fool's prank, but it got a few people thinking about the idea. : )  On my personal page, I announced the birth of a litter of 6 new puppies, claiming I was sure they said my dog was a boy!  haha.  I never pull pranks on April 1, but I sure found it fun!

Thanks again to everyone regarding Gardenscape.  It was unbelievably successful.  I put in a few high end pieces to fill empty spaces and they all sold, along with half of my regular sized work.  I'm still in shock.  I enjoyed Monday, doing deliveries and getting to peek inside homes filled with orchids and artwork.  That's always so fun.  Then I split up the rest of my work and shipped them off:  2 threadpaintings to the SK Craft Council Boutique in Saskatoon and 2 threadpaintings to the MacKenzie Art Gallery Shop in Regina.  I would guess you can expect to see them up and available after Easter.  Both are also stocked with more Prairie Postcards.

Now it's April.  I teach several classes this month, have 4 commissions to get started on, and THIS to prepare for!  (Photo by Ashley Marshal - thank you!)

It's not the official show poster, but I hope it sparks your interest.  There will be a little bit of my art, a little it of his art, and a little bit of collaborated pieces.  hmmm....  Intrigued to see what we'll come up with?  I sure am!  It's the Year of Craft in Canada, and this will be a room full of Embroidery and Ceramics in time for Mother's Day.  That sounds just about perfect to me!  : )

Off to experiment and create!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Thank you so much for your support.

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Margaret said...

Love the "unofficial" poster and wish I could see the resulting exhibit! All the best to both of you for a great show.

P.S. Have to admit you had me wondering about that TV show...!!!

Threadpainter said...

Wow... congrats on your sales and your commissions ... and I thought I was bust :/ Looking forward to this collaboration with fibre & clay ;)

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