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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Silk Ribbon Floral Embroidery Class

Friday, March 20th will be the first day of Spring!  From 1 to 2:30 that afternoon, I will be holding a silk ribbon embroidery class at my home studio in Saskatoon.  The cost is $20 if you are able to bring your own silk.  I have needles and hoops for you to use, as well as fabric to stitch on.  If you do not have silk ribbon, please bring $10 as a 'kit fee' and it will be provided for you.  Email me at Monika @ MySweetPrairie .ca to sign up.

1pm-2:30 (or 3 if we just cannot stop stitching) on Friday March 20, 2015

This class picks up from the tail end of my Introduction to Hand Embroidery class.  I always bring out the silk ribbon at the end, and there's so much Ooooooh & Aaaaaaah over the gorgeous sculptural quality of working with silk ribbon.  You don't need to have attended that class, but this will not be an overlap if you are interested in signing up.

silk ribbon leaves, petals, stems

If you want to be waitlisted for an evening or weekend class, please let me know.  For the rest of Spring, I am teaching and exhibiting around the province, however, I will be contacting everyone on my waitlist with May 2015 dates and times for weekend & evening Threadpainting classes in my studio, as well as Silk Ribbon Embroidery and Creative Quilted Postcards Workshops.  Thank you for all your interest - and your patience.  : )

1 comment:

Annette Schultz said...

That looks sew pretty. I have to dig out that box of ribbon I have and play with it agian.
Happy stitching I hope you have a full class
in stitches

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