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Friday, 20 March 2015

Melfort in May

For the month of May, The Shervin Smith Gallery in the Kerry Vickar Centre will be exhibiting the work of Ceramic Artist Ken Wilkinson alongside my Embroideries & Prairie Threadpaintings (linked to SCC pages).  I had been on the lookout for a different area of fine craft that would compliment my own pieces.  Last year I spied teapots and mugs with prairie grasses painted up the sides of them.

"Who made these!?" I asked.
Ken answered, "Those are mine."
"Want to do a show together?" I asked, to which he replied, "Sure!"

And that was that.  

I was already booked for a May exhibition there, but was feeling the crunch of filling a gallery on my own.  I thought it might be smart (and interesting) to share the space with another prairie artisan who specializes in a completely different craft from my own.  This was perfect!  We've met several times at his studio and have come up with some cool ideas, but not much to show for it yet.  We hope for some collaborative pieces and have our imaginations spinning on that.  : )  I'll let you know how things come along as we near the date.  I'll be photographing pieces for a show poster very soon.

In the mean time, I will be offering workshops to the Melfort Quilt Guild where they meet in that same building.  VERY CONVENIENT.  So, the plan is this:

 * * * Melfort 2015 * * * 

Thursday April 30, 1 pm - 4 pm
Creative Quilted Postcards Challenge
* 4 spots left (large group)


Friday May 1, 7pm
Gallery Reception for the duo Exhibit
Stitchery & Ceramics 
Monika Kinner-Whalen & Ken Wilkinson
Open! : )  Please come say hello.


Saturday May 2, 1pm -5pm
Threadpainting Class
2 spots left (small group)

Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me directly.  Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca
There will be April classes in my home studio for those of you who are waiting.  No worries there.  I will be heading back to Melfort to take the show down during the last week of May if anyone is interested in coordinating another workshop at that time.

Off to prep for the Silk Ribbon Floral class.  I can't wait to show you photos of that!  Stay tuned...


1 comment:

Margaret said...

Congratulations, Monika! May it be a beautiful success!

P.S. Picked up THE issue of "Stitch" in Calgary on Wednesday. Lovely! Well done!

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