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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Here Comes February!

Goodbye January.  Hello February.  In two weeks it will be Valentine's Day.  If any of you are planning to make quilted postcards for the occasion, I still have some pinks, purples and red embellishments packs as well as a new batch of precut doublesided fusible postcard stabilizers.  The pack of stabilizer comes with 4 handstamped backings that are slightly larger so that you can trip to fit just perfectly after fusing.  A whole bunch of colourways just sold out (thank you) but I will be refilling my shop by the end of February.

Along with some other classes, I will be doing a big postcard theme challenge at the Tiger Lily Quilting retreat in mid March.  That class will be unlimited for # of participants (as much as the classroom can hold) and is the most fun, creative and low priced workshop I run.  Also - I bring EVERYTHING else you'll need and the kit fee is dirt cheap.  All you need is your machine and a box of thread.  Everything else is a surprise. : )

BUT FIRST - I'm going to be doing some fibre art classes with a variety of grades at 2 different schools i the city this week.  That's so exciting!  We'll be doing everything from fibre art postcards to cross stitch, and even a gallery tour.  The only downfall is that it equals about one hundred children. YIKES - I best get packing and putting kits together!

Enjoy your weekend, and if you are interested in peeking in at my Etsy shop, you can do that HERE.

Thanks so much everyone!

1 comment:

Linda Coleman said...

Hi Monika
I bought the Stitch magazine yesterday and when I opened it I was delighted to see that you had a long article published in it. Looking forward to sitting down withmy cup of coffee to have good read of it as the illustrations and photos are great. Congrats!!!!

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