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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I'm not really ready for the cold.  However, one or two overnight frosts have began to transform the land into it's pretty autumn colours.  I love the colours!  Last year's fall was long and dry.  This year is different.  Things are still green but now there's this blast of deep dark orange and crimson.

I love my puppy.  His name is Buddy, a Border Collie.  I told you about him.  He's the nicest, sweetest doggie ever.  He takes me for morning walks.  I love him for that.  It's been too long away from the trails.  I love that I get to enjoy the change of scenery up close and personal.  Every morning, the colours are a little deeper.

near Sutherland Beach

I am still loving the weekend I had at the workshop.  It's inspiring so many ideas.  That's good - as an artist... but not so great as an artist with no studio.  My husband joked before I left for the weekend, "maybe I'll get the floor done while you're gone."  We laughed.  AS IF.  Then I came home to it started!  I LOVE MY FLOOR!

Floors = omg I can move my furniture in!!!

We were having some issues with slopes and dips even after leveling.  There's just not enough money or headspace for a subfloor.  The rest of the basement is carpet on underlay with no subfloor.  So he came to the conclusion that we need carpet.  I googled flooring and found this "LVP" (haha - luxury vinyl plank) which lies nicely and is not damaged by water.  It's a floating floor and so durable and scrub-able.  It comes in any wood grain and texture, even stone and cork look-alikes.  I am glad we found the one that looks like the hickory wood I had my heart set on.  Sweet.

There you go - a little inspiration from the changing colours. 

Enjoy your weekend.  I will be painting 100 feet of baseboards with a big smile on my face!


Kate said...

Lovely photos and enjoy your new floor. :)

HollyM said...

I'm glad you found a solution for your floor issues. It's so nice to get and walk every day. Your leaves are ahead of hours. I'm missing my trail so much; I can't walk because of arthritis in my hip. I can bike a bit but not far.
I think I'll drive over to my trail someday and walk in a bit.
Your picture is beautiful. I love the soft impressionistic swipes of color and the perspective.

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