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Monday, 4 August 2014

One Wish.

Rounding up fibre art for the Prairie show I'm curating has been so great.  I had some 'back of my mind' dreams, and they have all come true.  Imagining a gallery full of beauty is turning into a reality. 

I have one last wish though and I need your help.  Try as I might, I cannot find an apron.  This show speaks volumes about how women connect to the prairie.  I need an apron.  Here's the catch - it must be hand made by a resident of AB, SK, MB prairies.  It should be original design.  It can be well worn, never worn, old, or brand new.  There can even be food stains on it.  If you know of anything that even comes close to that description, would you please email me?
Monika @ MySweetPrairie.ca  
I will need it in January, and will return it to you in February.  Other things might do too, like a bonnet or christening gown... slippers, kitchen linens...

Remember - prairie hand-made.

Thanks so much!


Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Monica, i shoukd be able to find you one here in Maple Creek. I know a number of older ladies who msy have some tucked away.

Verna G said...

Hi Monica

I think I have aprons from my Mom. I will look through them this weekend. I also have many pieces of older linens that you would be welcome to use. Give me a call and you can come and see them,

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Your comment about wanting an apron makes me smile. I still have, and use, the Christmas apron that made, and embroidered, when I was 13...50 years ago. I have since made several more, which I would be thrilled to share for your event. 1980 green calico with a pink appliqued teapot on the pocket!! Just let me know.

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