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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

That's a Wrap!

I am SO glad I went to 'Dog River Days'.  What a blast!  I'm not even kidding.  The weather was terrific.  The clouds were gorgeous.  The people were so fun.  My family were constantly entertained while I greeted people inside.

The town is called Rouleau.  This is where the show 'Corner Gas' was filmed.  In the show, the fictional town is called Dog River in case you were wondering.  There is no river.  : )

I had a booth in the Town Hall for the Farmers' Market on Saturday.  In a couple of hours, I had all my threadpaintings sold to some very wonderful folks.  (Thank you all!!).  I got some great connections to art showings, opportunities to teach workshops, and future commissions.  I think I made quite a few new fans.  Reactions were very exciting for me to see!

Pictured above is my work in progress on the left, my photo to the right.  Pictured below is the finished threadpainting.  This was the first artwork to go!

High on the Banks 2, 2014 (sold)  4.5x4.5"

Then we got to pack up a little early and head out on to the main street for a special treat.  Over the course of three days, there were facepainters, bands, hot cars, ice cream, watermelon eating contests for the kids, a big dinner, and the vendors hall to name a few.  Stars Brent Butt and Fred Ewanuick (Brent and Hank) from Corner Gas were there with the town to celebrate the completion of Corner Gas: The Movie.  It also served as a major town fundraiser for a children's spray park.

There was a Riders Game to follow in Regina - so you'll see lots of people wearing green / team colour.

There were two blocks of fans out on the mail street to be part of it.  The organizers up on the mainstage cranked out the tunes of the intro & ending songs from the show's TV series while the camera crew walked through the crowd in an attempt to film EVERYONE there for inclusion in the movie credits.  !!  We were directed with particular clapping and shuffle steps.  It was so fun.  We were all a little star struck - super happy, clapping, smiling and dancing as they went through each song twice.  The stars of the show stayed late to post with anyone who wanted a photo and get autographs signed.  Brent Butt is known for being extremely gracious that way.

I love my zoom lens.  I took this from a half block away!  : )

I know.  I know.  He has a strange last name.  It makes everyone giggle.  Butt.  It's real.  It's likely how he became a comedian I suppose?  My 8 yr old has never seen Corner Gas.  When she heard what all this was about, she just stood there on the road and looked up at me with the most critical voice ever, "REALLY.  Really mom?  We came all this way for some guy named Brent BUTT!?  His name is BUTT!?  You have got to be kidding me."

Yeah honey.  We did. : )

That's a wrap!


Terri said...

We knew a guy my hubby worked with = Robert Butt. (We laid awake one night thinking up first names that his parents could have named him... like Harry, and if he had been a girl... Ida. We were in our fifties at the time. Tell your daughter its okay if nobody else hears.)
Congrats on you successful sale. I never doubted you would sell out. Love your stuff!

Dolores said...

Lucky you. I still watch Corner Gas on re-runs every morning. Two episodes each and every day. My son has the videos and I'm glad they're making the movie. My eldest daughter's been there and bought her brother a Corner Gas shirt just like Brent's in the show.

Lin said...

What a great time you had. Love the thread painting and pleased for you that it sold so quickly. xx

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Looks like it was a super day and it's great to hear that you did well and made new connections too. Thanks for mailing the postcards so we'll all have the Dog River stamp on them. Neat :)

hetty said...

I was totally addicted to Corner Gas. When they announced that they were calling it a wrap I was devastated. But I still watch all the reruns, many for the 20th time.

Patchmaker said...

I'm so jealous! I was a huge CG fan! Glad you had fun!

HollyM said...

Me too! Jealous! I love the show. It all sounds so exciting and to have your artwork be a part of it all too must have really been fun.

Monica said...

Will we see you in the credits, Monika? That would be cool. :D

Love the art, as always!

Margaret said...

Lucky you. My husband and I still laugh while watching reruns. Gentle humour is great!

Susan Barker said...

I know I would have loved being in 'dog river' for such a fun day! And extra special that your booth was a success!

Anonymous said...

looks like that was a great day all round!!

Threadpainter said...

Wow ... good for you ! Lovely days, celebrities and some sales ... can't complain about that !!!

I dropped into a post you made in April and just wanted to comment on those photos of silky snow against last years grasses ... fantabulous !
Those kind of pictures make my heart sing !
You have a great camera ... what is it ?

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