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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Summer is without a doubt here.  xo

Out at Chief Whitecap Park

The grass in SO incredibly long since I was there last.  Most of it is up to my waist.  Some of the blooming grasses were up to my face!  It was unreal.  Must be all the loads and loads of rain we got in June.

Chief Whitecap Park

!  I spied some single blue flax flowers at the lookout point of Chief Whitecap Park.  Ooooh!!  Does that mean there might be fields in bloom around here?  Please email me or FB me if you see one in full bloom.  oooh  I wasn't expecting this.  : )  H A P P Y !!

always makes me HAPPY!

Pretty, pretty!  There were masses and masses of these (almost as many as there were mosquitoes!). 

: )  Happiness is...

Cranberry Flats, Early July

Have a beautiful Sunday,


Terri said...

Always beautiful, Monika. Thanks for bringing some lusciousness into my life. Here in CA everything is crispy and brown since about mid May. There are flowers, but they are quite sun weary. It glares here and fries thing quick.

Lin said...

Thank you Monika - more gorgeous photos. xx

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