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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I had forgotten how much I love flowers.  I have been burying my face in them everywhere I go.

The best flowers are in your face, aren't they!?  : )

I don't recall ever having breathed in the scent of apple blossoms as deeply and honestly as I had this week.  I LOVE how they smell.  They are so sweet and soft.  My children were already late for school that morning, and after I rushed them out the door, I brought them to a complete hault in the front yard.  "Go smell those apple flowers!  Stick your face right in there."  And they did.  And they stood motionless for so long just smelling that scent.  And I watched their little shoulders relax and their posture soften and they just stood there and breathed it all in.  The world stopped for that moment.

I love teaching my children to stop for things like that.

Today, these are the most important things.

I sincerely hope you stop to love up some blooms today.

Happy Thursday,


Shan said...

You'll never regret teaching them to stop and smell the flowers. We all need to do that more often. :)

Molly said...

most important lesson you can teach them!

Judy said...

What a great post! It is so important to slow down to enjoy the flowers. I was sniffing a rose this morning and it had a wonderful scent :-)

What Comes Next? said...

fabulous lesson! I can almost smell the apple blossoms now...

elle said...

Chokecherry blossoms wafted into the bedroom all night long! :)

Terri said...

Parents are the first teachers, and I think, the primary teachers. What do you learn at school? Stuff you can look up in a book... well, okay some of that socials stuff, too...but parents have already introduced those lessons with the admonition to "Be Nice". You have just now given your children a bunch of wonderful lessons. Enjoy you life - being the biggest. Some never learn that. Atta Girl!

Vini said...

How medicinal almost, to read your post today.......here in NB we are horrified by the drama taking place in Moncton. My hearts go out to the families affected....how lucky am I that my husband deals with the situation in the safety of his office.
How unfortunate more parents don't do what you did this morning.....take a simple pleasure like smelling the flowers, to teach our children something so lasting.

HollyM said...

We both have apple trees in bloom on our property this week. I also featured mine yesterday too. Only I cannot enjoy the smell. I don't have any. It is nice that you had your children stop for it.

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