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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Yippee!  I have lots to show you.  POOF - it's all green here now.  Lush.  Beautiful.

Even as the clematis age, their paleness is so incredibly gorgeous.

in their youth - deep and vibrant colors

I am enjoying my backyard very much.  There are bees everywhere and fortunately not much for mosquitoes yet.

growing old gracefully

And those lovely, lovely lilacs.  Look at this next image I took.  It's a valentine!

Mmmmm... it smells delicious out there.

Have a lovely Sunday!  p.s. - time to send in your postcard images to Brandy Lynn if you are swapping with us.  Canada Day is just around the corner.


Shan said...

Mother Nature is definitely the best artist!

sherry said...

love summer flowers…the smell of lilacs is so wonderful

Lin said...

Lovely pictures Monika - thank you. xx

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