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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Friday - Happy Hour

Wow.  What a GREAT start to the show at Handmade House!  I am so glad I said yes to this.  A few threadpaintings were sold the second day.  They already called to ask me to please bring in more art!  I was not expecting that at all.  My sewing space is a mess from preparing all these pieces and after coming home from teaching, I had to stop and ask myself where did I put my sewing machine!?  Serious discombobulation.  I still hadn't unpacked.  Remember?  I thought I was taking the next while off to work on the new studio?

Well, I found my machine and got to back to stitching.  I worked all week.  I finished two pieces and made two more new little ones.

These are little ones done entirely by machine, and done entirely from the heart.  I didn't have images sitting before me as inspiration.  That's new!

Friday afternoon I brought them by to find out more had sold during the week.  I'm totally in shock!  I set up the four new threadpaintings and went next door to the wonderful & unconventional flower shop.  From 2 to 5:30 every Friday, they have 'happy hour'.  I did not know that.  All those incredible and unique flowers were half price.  So I stocked up and went back to Handmade House to set them up on the counter.  (They look amazing by the way!!)  It was at that moment that yet another threadpainting was purchasedSpring Storm (below) sat on the display shelf for not even ten minutes.

Spring Storm, 2014  photographed just prior to framing.  (sold)

Incidentally, all the new handstitching is still there.  None of those have been taken home but they are being enjoyed I hope.  Even still, I left there so giddy.  I can't describe the feeling.  I'm so grateful.  Things haven't moved this fast in a while.  Obviously I'll have to keep making up more pieces.  Definitely I will be going back on Fridays for more flowers.  I had the BEST afternoon ever!  'Happy Hour' indeed!

Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon

I dig the yarnbombed sidewalk sign!  : )  Check out the show if you can.  Please sign the guest book too - it's so wonderful to read all the hello's.  The address and hours of operation are HERE on the Handmade House website.


Terri said...

So glad your show is going so well. You deserve it.

Lin said...

So pleased for you Monika. xx

Egléa Senna said...

Um abraço!
Congratulations, Monika!

marsha said...

congratulations on the sales!
I really like Spring Storm!!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Fabulous pieces. Congratulations :)

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