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Thursday, 29 May 2014

It's a Painting-with-Thread Kind of Week.

Today I taught my Threadpainting class to the most unique group ever!  One woman drove in from Calgary, two from Manitoba, 3 from around Saskatoon, and a skype student from Newfoundland joined in as well.  That's nearly clear across the whole country!  Wow.  We had a great time.  : )

Lucky Gudrun for Calgary got to use my Bea.  She gets more stickers on her every time you see her.  ; )  Gudrun asked about coming to the city for a class last year.  Finally we made it work.

This is the Manitoba table.  : )  We make a pretty good mess when we threadpaint.  The one in the foreground is my demo piece.  When the ladies threadpaint, I teach them to do it by sight - paying attention to directional lines, colors, blending and shading.

I really enjoyed this group.  It's a four hour class and I held it at Creative House.  The ladies sure enjoyed shopping all the threads there.  : )  The building is for sale but the store is still open.  It sure was nice to be back there.

Dana was from out of town as well.  She was still sewing when I left an hour after the class ended!  I'm glad you enjoyed it Dana.  : )  I think her machine pooped out before she did.  And yay for me - people are finally letting me put them on my blog!  haha  Thank you ladies!  And thank you to Jenna in Newfoundland for suggesting Skype.  We are going to skype some more one to one later on.  What a great idea she had.

Back on the homefront I finished up some wee threadpaintings of my own for the show at Handmade house.

There's the work in progress... and here's the finished version.

5x5"  yet un-named.

And then there's WEEEEE little.  We're talking weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Tomorrow I'll frame up and photograph the last of my pieces.  My feature display officially starts next week on Broadway in Saskatoon.  I'll tell you more when I know.  Everything there will be for sale.

Everywhere I go, people are asking about my new studio space, wondering how it's coming along.  It was left off where you last saw it for the most part.  Once this June exhibit is in, I'll head down and get to work on my room.  I expect everything to be up and running by September and certainly not sooner.  There's still lots to do.

In the mean time - it's party weekend at our house.  My daughter is having a late 8th birthday party complete with a sleep over.  I think she invited EVERYONE she knows.  lol  I'll be a little busy but I'm sure we'll all have a blast.  Bring on the pizza, pool, and Just Dance!  : )

see you soon,
and thank you all for your support.


PBM969 said...

I think the machine was in shock at so much work after such a long rest...!! Got the glitch fixed and am ready to apply the black accent lines, etc. Such a GREAT day! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and the general sun-shiney gal that you always are!!

Patti said...

Thanks for the fun,Monika! You are amazing!

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