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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Books and Art and Gardens - oh my!

Good morning.  : )

I thought I should mention that the Prairies show in Edmonton is still on for the entire summer at Enterprise Square, but now moves to the second floor gallery.  That's where it will stay until August 30th.  Not sure I mentioned (and maybe you've noticed on other blogs) but the catalogues are in!  They sure are pretty!  All 84 pieces have their own page with full and details photos, as well as an artist statement with each one.

They had their second printing immediately after the show's reception!  Anyone can buy one.  I got three. : )  They are only $15, and the Focus on Fibre Art Association's facebook page posted to send an email to Shirley to order one.  Her email is "mistyc at shaw dot ca".

And in other news... I did it!  I dropped off a big bin of new art at Handmade House.  Check out their website to see the huge list of artisans that have their wares available.  They will hang the show and make posters and announcements.  It feels kind of hands-off at this point which is very different for me.  It was hard walking back out that door and leaving all my babies behind!  : )  I hope you will go to see them this summer.

On Broadway Ave in Saskatoon

There are nearly a dozen yarn embroideries all professionally matted with linen and framed in wood (no glass).  With the exception of two larger embroideries ($$$) and a few teeny threadpaintings ($), my hand stitched art is all in the $200 range.  That is where they will be for sale until the end of July.  I'm really hoping they will get new homes.  I suppose I'm taking a bit of a risk filling a feature wall with something that isn't my usual work, but I did have so much unlimited creativity with them.  As my work will be there for two months, I can restock at anytime so that's good.  My display will never be empty if you happen to come through Saskatoon.  I still have threadwork and postcards across the road at the Saskatchewan Craft Council too.  And you know - all money goes toward getting a few more things for my studio which will open in the fall.  (rah rah - let's keep Monika debt free!)  Seriously, from a financial viewpoint, being an artist is like a leaf on the wind.  I'm bound and determined to not rely on credit or loans.  I learned that one from my mom.  If you don't have the cash, you can't buy it.  So far so good.  (I know... money is such a taboo issue, but really it shouldn't be.  It affects us all.)  So I will say right here, right now, THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased art, taken classes, gifted me fibres, bartered for goods & services, and offered class space.  All those tangeable things have so much impact.  I'm going garage-saling today to find some tables and chairs for teaching.

growing.  reaching.  expanding.  living.

I am really looking forward to getting my room.  I have more creations just waiting to burst out.  I feel a bit bottled / contained.  I'm excited as well to enlist some young videographers.  I already asked a high school homeschooler with mad video skillz if she would be interested in taping while I teach so that I can make some videos.  AH HA!  Smart hey!??  : )  She's thrilled.  This is something she can add to her young resume.  I'm looking forward to working with her!

Ideas Ideas Ideas.  I'm full of them.

And then it dawned on me.  Oh, right.  The seasons changed.  Look at my garden and back yard!  OH MY.  When did that turn green?  I had better get out there this weekend and put on my my gardener's hat.

Talk soon,
and thanks for following!

1 comment:

Bernie said...

Your picture of hand made house made me realize where it is. That's an interesting store.

I hope your garage sale shopping went well but I would suggest if you are looking for tables and chairs for your class room space (and count me in for a class there by the way -- what one haven't I taken?) then I would suggest the Univ surplus sale or McDougall's auction. The best place for stuff like that has closed (where I got all my tables and chairs) which was surplus hotel renovation.

Isn't it great to be outside doing stuff? I'm having so much fun that I might forget I have a shower present to finish sewing and a bridesmaid bags to make!


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