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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild

Let's get them stitchin'!  This Sunday I will be speaking to the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild on the topic of Embroidery from a Modern Perspective.  It will be an interactive hour where I will provide inspirational eyecandy, technical information, and some hands-on experimentation combining stitch with modern fabrics / blocks.  I really look forward to meeting this group!  I've only seen modern quilt guild meeting photos on other people's blogs.  haha!  It will be really neat to visit with them in person.  (You mean they are real?)

You can learn more about the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild on their Facebook page or at the SaskatoonMQG website.

Guess what I just realized?  It has been one year since Mastering the Art of Embroidery landed on my doorstep.  Written by Sophie Long of the UK, many embroidery artists worldwide had their work included in these pages.  I was lucky to have quite a handful published in this amazing book.  Thanks and happy bookiversary to Sophie!


CitricSugar said...

Looking forward to it!!! :-)

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

So sad that I'm going to miss it!

Lisa said...

It was awesome, thank you! I managed to walk away with one of your hoops (oops!), so will have to get it back to you.

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