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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Things I Love Thursday



...it has arrived. 

The great melt down has begun.  My perennial garden is in a narrow sunny space between the house and a fence, so it melts the fastest.  I love finding the green leaves under the receding snow & ice!!  : )  We all run out of the kitchen's back door  in our sock feet to go see it for real, and squeal with joy, and hug, and jump up and down!  One of my kids even started crying.  It's quite an event. : )

I love having morning coffees outside in the sun without having to wear a parka.  My pooch is so happy to have company too. : )

I love discovering little pretties that have emerged from last fall.  This was my cilantro I believe.  What a pretty yellow!

Dirty, dirty spring.  Here are my raspberries...  Isn't it crazy to understand that all these frozen, seemingly dead plants are all going to rejuvenate and even produce fruit!?? 

I love the changing of the seasons.  It adds a spring to my step!  An EXTRA HAPPY THURSDAY to you!!  Things are looking up.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Green strawberry leaves?!?! I'm amazed anything survives under all that ice and snow. It must be a little like a treasure hunt as the snow melts away.

elle said...

The only green I see is jealousy. Our ground is about 48 inches down, even on a sunny side. :( But I do know all my weeds are down there just waiting to spring forth!

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