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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Snapshots

To market, to market...  photos of some goodies I brought home from the Saskatoon Quilt Show last weekend.  : )

Beaney & Littlejohn books, Soluble fabric, glowing embroidery supplies from Canadiana  : )

pre-wound 100 weight (super fine) Wonderfil bobbins, more books from Copperfields...

pretty painted embellishments and fibre bits from Heather's Quilting Palette in Moose Jaw, SK

I took my red tote shopping cart on wheels when I went.  : )  I told you I would.  I had a good time.  Thanks for coming along with me Carmen!  It sure was nice to see all the 'guildees' again.  It was a lot like a family reunion.  : )  Smiles and hugs all 'round!

Happy November!  Drive safe.


Kim Jamieson-Hirst said...

Good loot! I miss Copperfields' Books - they weren't at the Creative Stitches show this fall in Calgary. Always a good selection and great prices. I brought back lots of goodies from Quilt Festival in Houston - mostly fabric, which is heavier than you'd think. You would've loved the embroidery floss, ribbons and beads there. So hard to make choices :) What is the item in your last photo? Looks intriguing.

CitricSugar said...

Yep, between the quilt show and Final Friday at Periwinkle, I think I probably spent my quilting budget for the next two years! lol.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Painted lace I think.. :)

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