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Monday, 25 November 2013

4th Annual Show & Sale in Saskatoon

Good morning!  I'm writing to let you know that it's up!  My solo show is now at The Centre in Saskatoon.  The gallery displays are color coded (Jade Gallery, Indigo, Crimson, etc...)  My art is in the GREEN one, which all hardcore Rider fans can easily pick out.  Am I right?

The morning of the SK Grey Cup win, I was filling the green gallery with my art. : )

If you go, please let me know what you think about the 'decorations' in the display.  : )  It's my way of fishing for stitchers to stop and look.  I hope you'll check it out if you are in Saskatoon.  Here are the details:

4th Annual Show & Sale

12 Threadpaintings of the Prairies through the Seasons
by Monika Kinner-Whalen

On Exhibit
 November 24 - December 28th, 2013
The Centre, Circle & 8th St E Saskatoon 
(by the theatres)
The galleries can be viewed 7 days/wk from 8 to midnight

Purchases can be made at the administration offices 
between 9am -  5pm M-F.
You can also phone Joanne at The Centre admin offices during those hours @ 306.955.6611

* * * The above contact information is posted on site in my display. * * *

Please keep in mind that everything will be closing early on Christmas Eve.  Also, if you are needing to take something home for the holidays or you are from out of town, no problem!  : )  You are able to take purchased art home with you before the show is over.  If you don't mind leaving the art up for the duration, I can deliver or ship after December 28th, or you can pick up your art the morning of December 29th when I am there taking the show down.

     The show includes:

          Winter Turns to Spring (sold)
          Make a Wish
          Lakewood #4
          Treeline (sold)
          Hills at Jackfish (sold)
          Twelve Trees II (sold)
          September Grasses
          Autumn at Cranberry Flats
          The Days are Cooler Now (sold)
          The Skating Pond (sold)

You can browse the art on my photo page here (click here to link).  I'll mark them sold as they go.  Please note that Sunlit in Silverspring is for sale at the Affinity Gallery / SCC Boutique on Broadway, and not at The Centre.

One of my favorites! : )  September Grasses inspired by Cranberry Flats.

This commission is reserved, but on display.  (also my fave)

Twelve Trees 2 is there!  : )


Winter Turns to Spring has been sold but remains on display.  (THANK YOU!)

The Skating Pond, 2013

I love that one.  It's inspired by a photo I took on my way home from a Postcards workshop for the Dundurn quilters last winter.  sigh.  I do love winter.

Have a wonderful day everyone, and thank you for all your support.  : )


Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

A exposição está muito bonita! Certamente será um sucesso! Sucesso é o que desejo para você!
Um abraço!

The exhibition is very beautiful! Sure to be a hit! Success is what you wish for!

Giddings Art said...

Congratulations on a beautiful display! Your pieces are gorgeous! I'm sure your work will go quickly. I love them all!

Lin said...

I love your work Monika - good luck with the exhibition. xx

marsha said...

From what I can see from your photo... I love the "decorations" in the display...it really emphasizes the hand-made aspect of your work!

Stitching Impressions said...

HI Monika,

I think that you need something to catch people's attention so that they will come closer and look at your art-which I think is fantastic!
Maye, even adding a Christmas tree on one side, would draw some attention.
Or a big bow , or even some large oversized needles. We had a Superior thread lady at our Guild and she had a needle that must of been at least 10" long. It made the point-ha as she explained the different parts to a needle.
Hope that helps.


monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

I have a sewing box with fabrics and threads and ribbons this year. Last year I had a dress form. :) Year before was a fence and a milk can. :) I agree with you but it's okay. It's right where everyone lines up for the theatres. I sent notices out too... people know as this is my 4th annual. ;) I just ran out of time. Thank you for the suggestions.

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