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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hand Stitching New & Old

This week, while nursing my own cold as well as my children's, I went 'uplugged' again and began to work on pieces for a new project.  I keep one inspirational file on my desktop that is full of personal photos just for handstitching ideas.  One in particular looks fairly straightforward, but will no doubt be a long haul to finish.  I'm ready.  I put cloth onto one of my scroll frames, marked the size I'd be working on, and began setting up the background and finding the right fibres for the job.

Call me crazy, but I had this in mind.  Look at all the stitches!  Can you imagine it?  It was spring and the new growth was there in the old.  I love the colors so much.  (click to view larger)

my photo:  new and old grasses

I did a quick sketch with colored pencils first.

I always keep my photo and sketchbook in front of me while I stitch.  I built up some colors first to help me know where the yellows and greens are placed once I start stitching.

no.  I'm not left handed.  : )

I stitched for three days and I'm still not done.

I stitched out all the greens.  Then I stitched out the yellows.  Then I over stitched the greens again.  Now I'm read to add to the yellows to create some blending.  Then I can start on the details.  WHEW!  Here's where it's at for now...

It might still look like a mess, but this is the building in progress.  I dropped a needle and as I went to pick it up, I noticed the underside.  I though it was worth a photo at least for interest's sake. : )

I'm careful not to waste my colors by taking the next stitch near to where I left the last.  A lot of my fibres were from Margot and replenishing is no easy task.  I don't feel like flipping my work surface to knot or tuck in all those threads, so I will do that later.

And now I'm off to finalize several Hallowe'en costumes!  Bring it on!  I have my sweet tooth ready.  : )
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elle said...

What is your background fabric, Monika, and why did you pick grey? All the layers are wonderful!

Margaret said...

It's coming along nicely! I can see where you'll be putting in some lighter greens...I think. Have fun with the costumes, etc....

HollyM said...

I m also curious about the background fabric. It's lovely! Slow hand work or not, you seem to go pretty steadily.
Have a fun Halloween!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

3 days worth of stitching and it's looking fabulous! Can't wait to see it finished.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Uma paisagem interessante e várias possibilidades de trabalho. Boa foto, boa escolha!
Também estou curiosa sobre o tecido: linho? lã?
Sem establizador?
Está ficando bonito (como sempre)!
É também um ótimo material para estudo. Obrigada!
Um abraço!

An interesting landscape and various job opportunities. Good picture, good choice!
I'm also curious about the fabric: linen? wool?
No establizador?
It's getting pretty (as always)!
It is also a great material for study. Thank you!

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