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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I love to go out to watch the harvest moon rise each year.  (Photos taken earlier in the week.)

It has been a very dry September until now.  We have gone weeks and weeks without rain.  With the sun sinking behind us, the sky deepens within minutes and the colors change.  Look at the next photo!  The moon is a little higher and brighter as it rises above the dusty air.

There.  Two moons, now two horses.  I love the colors of these horses in the sunset!  They were behind us, watching us.  They came as close as they could when they saw us parked out there on the side of the road.

The owner came out to say hello.  She said their names are Duke and Dexter.  I love how attracted to horses my children are.  I love how unafraid they are to pet them like a puppy even though they are HUGE creatures.

...and I LOVE how kind and gentle the horses were to my children that night.  : )  Thanks Duke and Dexter!

Happy Thursday to you, and I hope your Autumn is beautiful.  Stay dry.  Stay warm.  : )


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. I was out walking on the grid roads those full moon nights, what beautiful evenings! Can I ask you, what camera do you use? -Katie

HollyM said...

What absolutely beautiful, almost ethereal, pictures! Kudos to you for getting out of bed and taking your children to witness that!

Judy Wood said...

And isn't it amazing how quickly the moon climbs up in the sky once it's up?? That always surprises me.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Monika, these horse photos are awesome. I love the moon and did catch a glimpse through the storm clouds we've had recently!

Terri said...

So serene - so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

:) The full moon rose when the sun went down. It was just after 7 pm. We went after supper.

Mystic Quilter said...

Stunning pictures - love full moons and grew up alongside horses so great to see these two.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Thanks! Nikon D3200 :) and it's red!

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