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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Here it is.  The real thing: Cranberry Flats.  This place is just south of Saskatoon along the river.  I took these photos on Tuesday just before our big long rain.  It was SO hot on that day.  The trail lead down to the water.  Oh did I ever want to jump in!  There were in fact quite a few people in the water.  There are so many giant sandbars right in that part of the river.  Very cool.  Enjoy the photos...

rosehips and the leaves are still quite green.  (click to view larger)

There was this huge slope by the parking lot that was just loaded with wild rose bushes.  Much of the rosehips were filled with tall sage.  I need to go out in the summer and see the roses in bloom - this 'patch' was ENORMOUS.  It must have been buzzing with bees!

close up of a large thicket- rosehips & sage

The colors were amazing.  Once I got up to the lookout point, here was the view!

I believe that these yellow trees are in fact an 'island' in the South Saskatchewan River.  Am I right?  I'm pretty sure there is water running behind it out there.  The foreground shows the trees on my side of the bank (see the green tips?).  So there is a lot of river between where I am standing and the yellow trees below.  On the way back, I changed lenses and took this one.  The sign out there refered to them as blue grama grass?  I thought I heard the Grasslands interpreter say they were nicknamed, 'grandma's eyelashes'.  lol  That's pretty cute.

(click to view larger)

Below... what are these?  They sure look like my raspberry bushes.  hmmm.  I am curious.

I personally adore the photo below.  The colors are so soft and 'antique'.

gone to seed

Happy Sunday!  Enjoy your autumn. : )


FP said...

These pictures are beautiful...... my compliments.

Greetings, Jonas


Patti said...

I love Cranberry flats too! We used to ride our horses there (many years ago) It was the best fun to gallop along the sand bars going through the water. Much less water back then too, lol! Your photos really capture it. I've got wild raspberries all over my place so they could be wild ones too. Thanks as always for your vision in photos!

Kitchener Quilter said...

Yes, those are raspberries, alright. It might be fun to get back there in late July and see if there any to pick. I'm sure you'd remember the spot.

laura said...

Your pictures bring back lots of great memories of days spent at Cranberry Flats as a teenager! Course I wasn't looking at the scenery LOL! But I love the pictures you post, great memories! One of these days I'm going to start attempting some serious thread painting. I have a photo from a friend in Texas of the blue bonnets in spring that has been on my design wall for about 5 years now.....

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