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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

I love to be creative.  I also love nature.  

Here are some other ways I have been delving in to both.

I love my new pan pastels.  : )

This summer I am spending some time on a regular basis sketching up the clouds with my new soft pastels.  I have a couple perfect spots where there is an unobstructed sky view right at home:  one on a north second floor balcony, and one facing east from the middle of my backyard.  (no powerlines, no trees, no nothing.)

I love studying clouds.

It's oddly familiar to sit and do this plein air as they call it.  I feel like I channeling my mother.  I secure my paper to a board with wooden clothes pins and sketch quickly and loosely as the clouds drift by, ever changing.  Clouds change FAST, so this is kind of exciting - like trying to catch a butterfly.

You know I love to look down as much as I love to look up.  LUCKY ME - I found a terracotta flower press at a garage sale!  It came with a big book to boot.  To be more specific - it's a microwaveable flower press!

modern day wild-crafting?

No kidding.  I didn't know it when I bought it.  You can quickly dry a pressed flower in less thank 2 minutes.  Done.  The color retains VERY well too and there's no chance of anything going funky.

I did up a bunch of samples and it's amazingly fast.  This is wonderful.  I can collect prairie plant specimens now and save them indefinitely.  Love that.

As for these specimens... we shall eat them!  : )

Happy summer and happy Thursday!


Giddings Art said...

Your clouds look wonderful and I love the microwavable flower press. I've never heard of one before!

Patti said...

Fabulous clouds! And I have the same flower press (and book, likely). They do work really well. Although the first summer I had it my flower garden took a bit of a hit, lol!

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