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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

I love that I now have a 'staff'.  Sounds crazy right?  Well - it was either hire a nanny or hire a helper just once a week to do photocopying, putting together kits, sorting class supplies, etc.  Technically I could say I 'hired a younger woman to be my assistant', but really it is that this AWESOME new friend will be helping me take control of my life a bit through the summer and freeing my menial work tasks up a bit so that I can focus on summer and the kids and not have a nervous breakdown thinking about all the things I am not getting done.  ; )  It's all good!  I think she's as excited as I am.  It will be fun to work together.

I love that my kids are insanely proud of growing up.  This oldest boy of mine is taking on his role as independent teenager passionately and with joy.  It's amazing to watch the once 24/7 colicky-screaming chubby scared baby boy have so much self confidence.  AMAZING.

Corbin, walking to elementary school for the last time...  grad night.

I am LOVING the strength and determination of my friends in Calgary.  You blow my mind and fill my heart.  The devastation is painful to watch.  My entire mommy-community lives there.  A close knit group of my friends live in the flooded core of the devastation.  We used to sit in the pesticide-free park and breastfeed our babies together in the sunshine.  I'm watching now on facebook as they call for tools, food, clean up crews, and wine.  What a mess.  What a lot of work.  What leadership.  What resourceful women they are.  They are doing it.  Laughing, crying, organizing, and kicking ass getting things done.  WOW.  You women are my heroes.

(**NOT my photo***)  This picture is going viral on facebook (used without permission... photo by Cole Hofstra)

All the best to everyone affected by the flooding in Alberta, and now in Saskatchewan & Manitoba too.  Our hearts go out to you all.



HollyM said...

Good for you to have hired help! That will make your summer better for sure.
It's quite unimaginable watching all the devastation. How do so many start from scratch?

Giddings Art said...

Your son is amazingly grown up! (I remember those days) Our hearts and thoughts are with those in Calgary.

Terry Jones said...

You are providing a great opportunity for a future artist. Hopefully she will appreciate how fortunate she is to be able to "play" with your wonderful collection of threads and fabrics. Someone once said, "No man is an island. No one stands alone." As the photograph you posted suggests, many people working together will make a difference. I wish them well.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Ajuda é sempre bom! Será bom para você e bom para esta jovem.
Devastações são muito tristes mas, também são uma grande oportunidade de aprendizado, crescimento. É também tempo de fazer nossa fé em Deus maior e mais forte.
Hoje, mencionei você e "linkei" seu blog num post no meu pequeno blog.
Um abraço!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Help is always good! It will be good for you and good for this girl.
Ravages are very sad, but also are a great opportunity for learning, growth. It is also time to make our faith in God's bigger and stronger.
Today, you and I mentioned "linkei" in your blog post on my little blog.

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