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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

I love that things are blooming on the prairie.  Here are some purples I captured tonight!

aaaaaaaaaah lilacs!  : )

I must stitch this with silk ribbon - how simple yet perfect!  Aaaaah, lilacs!  How can you not walk by a bush full of blooms for the first time every June and not break into a smile and stop over for a sniff!?   I love lilacs!

My daughter and I went out for a drive down Silverspring way and parked up high overlooking the Saskatchewan River.  I found purple!

Purple!  Do you see it?

I didn't see it at first.  I had my eyes peeled for flowers.  It's going to rain for days here, so I figured now is my chance...

Here:  the next photo is a close up of the slope down to the water from the scene above.  Now do you see it?

zooming in... see them now?

There they are!  : )

AWE!  Aren't they sweet!?  A perfect bouquet.  They look like they are growing up, but this is the view down a steep slope.  In fact, this 'bouquet' was growing vertically, sticking straight out the side of the bank!  Cute.

I LOVE this next photo...


It's one of those that are singing out, 'stitch me!!  oh please stitch me!!'


There they were - all this purple blooming atop the grasses high on the bank.  There we so fine that it was very difficult to see them while driving by.  In fact - I did not notice them at all.  I could only see a faint blur of smokey fuzz growing under the bunches of wolf willow.  Once the evening sun hit them though, THAT is when I noticed them.  HOW PRETTY.

I just love the prairie.  I really can't help it. 

Happy Thursday!


HollyM said...

I do love those purples and what beautiful textures! What kind of plants are they?
They will make wonderful stitching.

Anonymous said...

the prairies will always be my heart-home! so many colours and textures - so subtle!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Lindas fotos que certamente suas mãos transformarão em lindas obras de arte.
Um abraço!


laura lok said...

Lilacs are my favorite Beautiful

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