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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I LOVE Heather's lair.

I've known Heather via the internet for a few years now.  We've enjoyed several LONG telephone visits.  Finally, for the first time we met for real!  It felt like a reunion in a way.  It's hard to explain.  It's also hard to put into words how much I adore her, her husband, their home and their artful lifestyle.  With her permission, these are some up-close and intimate moments that I will always treasure while staying with her.

the morning sun

A piano full of stories I'm sure!

prettiest little squeeze box

late night show & tell of Heather's hand embroidery - silk on silk wedding dress

Where I laid my head that night...  sweet dreams indeed!

the next morning : )

beauty creates beauty

her pins and needles

THANK YOU for having us Heather & Rick.  : )  
Happy Thursday to them, and Happy Thursday to you!


Heather Lair said...

What a lovely post, Monika! The boat in the window is my 'happy place'! I grew up in Nova Scotia- in many homes you see model boats in windows. I have always loved them, and on a recent trip I purchases one of the Bluenose II for my own window in Manitoba.
The spider webs are still in the window because I would rather quilt than clean house!

HollyM said...

Oh, it looks lovely! And that bed! It must really have been nice to meet a fellow blogger.

tableforone said...

Thank you for posting such intimate moments of beauty - looks like a beautiful sharing time.

Anonymous said...

I especially loved the spider webs, I think they are lace at windows, much better to spend time creating than sweeping away some other creatures creativity.
Vivien Levermore

Filomena Crochet said...

beatiful images...
beatiful post!!!!

thanks you


Maria Filomena

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