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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Available Art

On my way home on Monday, we stopped in at the Wolseley quilt shop.  The first time through, the staff suggested I leave some of my art there for display & sale.  I didn't have extras at that time so I declined.  This time though, I had a lot left after Winnipeg, so I took them up on the offer!  (And bought MORE thread while I was there!?  lol)

They have my art in Wolseley, Saskatchewan : )

I got to meet Liz this time.  She's the owner of Tiger Lily Quilts.  She was pretty happy to take them in!  So there are 3 of my threadpaintings there.  If you happen to be in the area, please stop in!  I plan to just leave them there until they sell.  The shop's phone number is 306.698.4000.  They are on Highway 1 (you can't miss their huge roadside signs) less than an hour east of Regina.

Twelve Trees, Lakewood, and Winter Turns to Spring (pictured above) are all for sale in Wolseley, SK

I love that one above.  It's full of hand dyed silk ribbons from Ribbonsmyth.com.  I am really loving adding the ribbon.  I can't wait for this summer's flowers to POP out of the fields.  My camera is waiting!

 *  *  *  Please Note  *  *  * 
For those of you wondering about other pieces of art I have left, you can find ten nine eight threadpaintings on Facebook.  I just posted an album on my art page, complete with titles, dimensions, prices, and contact info.  If you have a facebook account, then you can click the link below to see.  

(click to link)

Please feel free to 'like' the page or share it around too.  If you don't have FB, you can email me directly at mysweetprairie@gmail.com.  I ship anywhere in the world an will deliver locally.  Thank you!
...now off to order more ribbon! : )

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