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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

More Fabric Art in School!

Here's part two of my adventures in highschool from last week. : )  On the last day for the afternoon, I was in the Functionally Integrated classroom to do a trunk show and craft with the students.  Essentially, this is the 'special needs' room.  (They change the name every few years it seems.)  There were 6 students, one teacher, and a handful of teaching assistants - nearly one to one in that room.  Some of the students were in their 20's but couldn't speak or write.  Some were barely delayed  - so it was a wide range of abilities.  I assumed that my 'talk' would put them to sleep, so I chose to simply hold up a half dozen big bright quilts I'd made, one at a time.  THAT went over great.  We looked at the colors and shapes, commenting on the arrangements of squares and triangles.  Each quilt was then bundle up and set on the lap of one of the students.  They loved holding the quilts, cuddling with them, investigating them!  : )  One student just wanted to fold them and carry them to another table, then fold them again.  Another just wanted to wear one like a cape - not even interested in the craft.  It was really heartwarming to watch them fall in love with quilts. ; )

sorry - no photos of students faces for privacy of course.  I was new in the room and not about to whip out my camera anyway.

After the mini quilt show, we moved to the craft table.  The kids worked on 'quilts' Mrs. Good had set up for them earlier in the week - gluing fabric on paper.

we all loved his pattern!  we guessed what colors would end up in the corners.

Mrs. Good really thought the Quilted Postcards were a great way to show the kids how they could collage little pictures with fabric and glue stick.   She did a little show and tell my my stash, and the kids got right to work!  Check out these awesome peekaboo cards she found!

one girl's project of spring birdhouses

one boy's art - patterns and repetition - he was SO proud of this!

This next boy parked himself on the other side of the room at his own table and got totally immersed in the project.  (A true artist - introvert right?)  He loves Halloween and Pirates.  Notice the shirt and lay?  I think it's his regular wardrobe.  He worked and worked on this orange background and then added a pirate complete with the eyepatch over top.  It was awesome!

Halloween / Pirate project

This next photo...  the work of one of the teacher's assistants!  : )  She was extremely 'into it' and had lots of fun getting creative.

aren't the recycled cards a cool find?

so proud of her fruit bowl - it left us all hungry though! ; )

While they were busy working, one boy announced, 'look at this!'  he put his quilt up to his card and it made this wonderful diorama!  : )  We loved it.

the possibilities are endless!  they loved to create with no rules.

This was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.  These students just delved right into creating.  Even one older student who doesn't talk was smiling and laughing!  It was awesome.  I'm glad they had a good time.


HollyM said...

What a wonderful and rewarding experience! There's nothing like enthusiastic creativity!

Kiwi said...

How awesome Monika! Thanks for sharing this.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Trabalhar com crianças é muito energizante e gratificante, com crianças especiais mais ainda! Temos apenas que acreditar nas suas potencialidades, não é?
Um abraço!


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