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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Jour d'ete - FIN

I finished one last piece before my final trip to the framer's last week.  It's super summery.  I was considering a final winter piece but then I realized I had no flax fields for Winnipeg!  I had some photos from last year that I really liked.  This one has blue and yellow, and a BIG view.

flax on a summer's day, 2012

I was good this time, and I made a quick sketch in my empty sketchbook.  : )

my sketchbook rendering

Next, I put together the fabric and thread for the background.  Let's just say that my thread is getting a work out!  : )

i'll clean up later.  i'm busy.

After a day of threadpainnting / free machine embroidery, I'm getting ready to stitch some flax by hand.

French Knots, here I come...

I ended up taking this with me a couple weekends ago to work on it during the public stitching day with the the embroidery guild.  I'm glad I had the photo and sketchbook along, laying out.  As I sat beside it to do stitch, it sure stopped a few people in their tracks.  : )  Here is the finished piece!

bottom corner detail

I had a hard time naming this one too, so I enlisted my bilingual boy.   "How do you say this?  How do you say that?"  I asked him to translate a whole schwack of phrases.  Finally this particular translation came out sounding just right to me.  In English, it means Summer Day.  (phonetically - jshoor daytay)

Jour d'ete, 2013

I love the swoops and swooshes in this big view.  It's a very happy piece, and one of the biggest too!

i love the way the soft gold threads shine in Jour d'ete : )

I have some news too!  I will have one of my Winnipeg pieces published in the Summer 2013 issue of Fiber Art Now magazine.  (You'll have to wait and see which one they picked.)  How exciting!  They had a call for entry on the topic of Flora and Fauna that I jumped into at the last minute.

* * * Also, Jackie White interviewed me for the CQA blog.  It's now up and you can find that post here.  (Thank you Jackie!!)

Okay - back to work.  See you soon! : )


Mary Ann said...

Lovely....I love that blue...I can just feel and hear the summer in that picture:)

HollyM said...

Pretty piece! Congrats on the publication! I saw that one but I'm so lazy about submitting. Good for you!
You're right. It would be fun for the public to see how you go from photo to finished piece.

greelyrita said...

Another gorgeous piece!! So, how big is it then?

Ruby's Girl said...


B J Elder said...

You really brought that field to life! Fabulous. The sense of depth is perfect. Another winner!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Que delicia de verão... Lindo! Lindo!
Eu observo, atentamente, seu passo a passo... e assim você vai me dando aulas...obrigada!
Um abraço!


Bernie said...

I do love those hills and that view! Glad I called you to see the flax.
I read the feature article and thought about that first post card class here in the attic. Wow - you have come so far!
Congrats on all of it.

Juanita said...

Fantastic! You are making me love the prairies!

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