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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Smile - It's Spring!

My heart goes out to everyone about experience six months of winter with me.  We've all had enough.  It looks and feels like January out there.  The snowbanks are higher than my children as they walk down the sidewalk.  The schools have banned outdoor recess several times this week because with the windchill it has been near -30C!  I had lilies popping out of the ground last year at this time.  Did the poles reverse and I missed something?

the lake, the park, the skating rink and schoolyard...

Okay... enough grumbling.  (If you'll notice, this post had nothing to do with embroidery.)

So why do we love the prairies so much?  WHY Saskatchewan?
Here's why.  

as heard on CBC radio...
click to view music video

If anything can put a smile on my face and a spring in my step - this does.  Life is good.  ps - filmed in a small town featuring some friends I know.  : )  Apparently she's heading to Winnipeg this spring to record a new album.  ENJOY!


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I can't believe the weather! It will take until July to melt all this snow.....if/when it finally warms up!

elle said...

hard to smile as the darn teeth rattle against one another! sheesh! ah well, spring will be worth waiting for. vbsigh!

Donna said...

Loved the Bargain Shop Panties ... Wonder if the Bargain Shop has long johns! Brrrrrrrr.........Donna

Margaret said...

Nothing to do with embroidery? Did you take a good look at that photo? What a wonderful piece that would make!

Threadpainter said...

Nice to hear we are not alone ! Here in Ontario it was un to 26C last year by now !
Today was a mix of snow, sunshine, dark clouds and blizzard like winds, snow drifts on country roads and more snow flurries with poor visibility.

I've heard that the robins are back but haven't seen a one ! Poor little buggers are freezing their tail feathers off somewhere inside a big pine tree, wishing they'd stayed south a bit longer !!

Loved the video !
Love your snow fence photo ... another stunning embroidery to make !

HollyM said...

And I wanted to complain because we ha a big snow storm today and I just got in from shovelling. At least it wasn't cold.

Patti said...

I'm consoling myself with fabric and chocolate.... ;)

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