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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Gardenscape #3 - Update

Here ends another great weekend at Gardenscape.  I always spend the entire third day there.  Gosh I forgot how busy it gets.  It was so nice to see smiling faces and familiar faces from last year.  I am super excited about being asked once again to introduce fibre art to another school art program locally.  That door is just opening for me and I am so grateful.  Isn't that weird!?

So, here is my update:

Red dots are sold -THANK YOU!! : )

Three will go into my Winnipeg show - I marked them in the photo able.  I'm keeping Rosewood Once to myself.  It makes me happy.  I'm glad it didn't leave.  It's simple and muddy and looks just like the prairies on my birthday.  : )  Maybe that's why I like it.

Rosewood Once, 2013  NFS

Window Frost #2 & 4 are still available if anyone is interested now both SOLD - Thank you!  They sure got a lot of attention.  Below is Aglow II that is up for grabs.  It's framed in blue barnwood (see top corner of the board).

Aglow II, 2013  available

My little mini Cattails at Sunrise is available too SOLD thank you! (approximately 4x4" framed to 9x9").  On the board, you can see it just to the left of the one above.

Cattails at Sunrise, 2013 available SOLD thank you!

I thought they would sell right away - but they were very high on the board, and glared the overhead lights.  It's a crappy setting for art.  I need to keep my regular sized pieces for the next exhibit.  If you are interested in any of these little ones, drop me an email to mysweetprairie@gmail.com.  I have paypal and am happy to ship anywhere.

I have to say, in retrospect the response from onlookers was just fantastic.  I really love watching people discover my work.  It was always exciting when they run away from my board and then returned with groups of friends or family.  That happened a few times.  : )  Anyhow, I could go on and on.  I visited with so many wonderful people.  I could go on and on with stories.  Mostly though, I want to say a big warm thank you / danke / merci.  ; )  I am totally re-energized to get right back to work.

again, Happy Sunday!


Joanne said...

They are all so beautiful! I am glad that some are coming to Winnipeg and I will be able to see them in person.

Nicki said...

Another great weekend for you at Gardenscape. Well done and congrats om the sales.

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