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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Workin' the Mojo

I thought I would say a quick 'hello & welcome' to all the new faces showing up on my blog.  There's been a little surge as of late, and it's really exciting to see a batch of new followers!  If you are new here, please feel free to click on the tabs above to learn more about me, or click on the 'slideshow' tab to see some of last year's work.  All my work is original (please do not copy) and are inspired by my own personal photo shoots of the land & sky around me.  This weekend I managed to really finish some pieces that I had thought were kind-of done.  I must remember that 'kind-of done' is really 'not done'.  So here they are now, ready for the next show:

Cattails at Sunrise II, 2013 (3"x3")

When that piece was 'kind-of done', I walked through my sewing area in the evening when everything was poorly lit.  I happily glanced over to the embroidery above and couldn't see a darn thing in the sky!  That pretty sky was bleah in the dark.  So I added the stitch lines (which I LOVE) and made the sun much much brighter.  I stitched my initials in thread in the bottom right and now it is finished.  ; )  Much better.

I added some blue/black hologram thread to the water and finished handstitching the reeds so that this is done too:

Aglow II, 2013  (4.5"x6.5")

TADA!  Lookie here - the winter scene with the red barn glowing in the sunset is all done.  It's meing framed right now and oooh I can't wait to see it!  I added frosty trees & bushes, fenceposts and barbed wire.  I chose gold thread for the grasses poking up thought the snow in the foreground, and stitched the sky as well.   Done!  ; )

A Prairie Winter, 2013  (6"x8")

I love the cattails piece SO much that I've started a bigger one where there is more orange in the sky.  I'll show you soon! ; ) 

** Also - I'm running a second 'Basic Threadpainting' spring class at Creative House this Friday in Saskatoon.  There are a couple of spots left.  You need not be an artist.  Also, this is not a 'how to copy Monika's landscapes' class.  It is a beginner class to get you started on the mechanics of coloring with thread onto cloth using a sewing machine.  You will need a machine that can be set for free motion stitching, and the following thread colors: white, grey, beige, black.  Everything else will be supplied.  It would be ideal if the class was filled with Janome owners, but not mandatory.  Click here for info or to register on their website.

a 'glamour shot' of Crocuses in Spring, 2013  (6"x9")

I love glamour shots : )   OK - Linking up to WIP Wednesdays at The Needle & Thread Network Have a great week and thank you for stopping by!


B J Elder said...

I'm really drawn to Aglow II. The sky is fabulous, and as well as the intensity of of color in the whole piece and your trees... perfect!
Of course I haven't seen any of your work that I don't like, but this one ... wow!

rtquilter said...

Oh, Monika! Prairie Winter is stunning! You can practically hear and feel the crispy crackly crunch of the snow and I see individual ice crystals on those grasses! Magnificent job! Congratulations.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I love Cattails at Sunrise II best, so warm and vibrant with wonderful variety in textures. I love your work Monika!

HollyM said...

They're all beautiful, not sure if I could choose. Funny the difference a few little lines of stitching can make!
I love that little bit of shimmer you added to the water too.

HollyM said...

Yes, I can, I choose the red barn!

CitricSugar said...

Hi - I was hoping to sign up since I finally have a space in my schedule but there appears to be a $14 shipping and handling fee tacked on when I head to the checkout. Do you know what that's about?

Kit Lang said...

Beautiful as always! :)

Happy Turtle said...

So so beautiful!

Kristy fordhook1 said...

Stunning! Amazing talent.

Verna G said...

Love all your new pieces especially the Cattails. Must not show them to my husband!!

Terry Whyte said...

Love, love your work. Very inspiring!

jojo said...


Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

They are all amazing!

Cathy said...

Just so lovely!

Regina said...

Breathtaking work! And you are right, often it is the simplest of things, a colourful zipper, a line of stitches, a pieced binding, that adds the final touch.

Leanne said...

Oh don't I know that, "almost done isn't completely done"! How many all nighters have I pulled when I thought I just had to wrap things up in the evening! I just wanted to say that you are an excellent blogger. You take so many photos that draw us in and show us what you wish us to look at. Very descriptive and inviting.

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