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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I (am beginning to really) love sketching.

preparing for a Silver Spring threadpainting

I spent my entire childhood on the farm, drawing.  I didn't think it was a necessary step from photo to stitch.  (Everyone said it was. I just didn't believe it.)

Age 7.  I drew this with a ruler.  ; ) 

I love how sketching out a photo draws me in to see more.  I love how much it teaches me.  For example, I learned that flowers never grow in isolation.  They grow in clusters and clumps.  Even the uncut grass naturally grows in clumps.  I just noticed the grass in a picture today.  How many times have I stitched grass!??  I should have known better.

As I sketch, the intended stitches become clear to me.  I love how much it prepares me for the final piece.  It simplifies everything I need to do.  It allows me to make minor changes in composition before I begin sewing.

from source photo #8039

I never thought I would enjoy sketching first.  I found it a very tedious task before, but now I can appreciate the benefits.

I also love the fact that it has been just over one year since I chickened out of having Carpal Tunnel surgery.  Remember thatIt's been over a year now with no problems thanks to regular therapeutic massage on my arms & shoulders!  Awesome.  That's where I'm heading once the kids are off to school... oohhhh I am definitely needing it after all the stitching and snow shoveling.



The Handmaden said...

It's lovely to see your sketches, it's something I struggle with too, but usually starting is the hardest part :)

HollyM said...

Love your sketches! And what an amazing one at 7 years old! I enjoy sketching too, find it very relaxing, but I don't usually star with a sketch because most of my pieces are not scenes. Sometimes I sketch layouts which often change.
I mostly like to sketch my details like flowers, shells, birds, etc.
I'm glad the therapy is working for you.

jojo said...

coucou quel coup de crayon j aime trop c est super ce que tu as dessine biz

Threadpainter said...

Way to go, Monika !!
Lovely, lovely ... keep up the good work !!

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