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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

And You Thought Pirates Were Tough Stuff !

I've been at it again.  Two years ago there were some SERIOUS dandelions flourishing like you wouldn't believe.  I know they are foreign weeds... but I can't help it.  I thought they were pretty.  I snapped a lot of photos one afternoon down Floral Road, and had my eye on this one particular scene for a long, long time.

Should I?  Dare me to?

I accept the challenge.  French Knots, here I come!

On guarde! -

(one hundred and forty)

Take this -

(two hundred and sixty two)

Take that -

(three hundred and forty five)

I have a looong way to go.  This one is headed for Manitoba.  I shall not give up.  ; )

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Molly said...

the dandelions never give up - neither should you! have a glorious time in manitoba!

elle said...

oye! We do have our fair share of dandelions. I hate what they do to flowerbeds and lawns and that is long after their pretty flowers and seed heads are finished!

Katie said...

Oh my, I love danelions! Any way I can stake a claim on this one? I would even pick it up in person as I am planning on driving up to Winnipeg to see your work in person.

LynCC said...

Amazing!!!! Can't wait to see how many it takes altogether.

CitricSugar said...

You are hardcore when it comes to french knots… I have never managed to master that one. I bet you could do it in your sleep! :-)

M-R Charbonneau said...

Wow! So awesome, Monika!

Miss Peggy said...

Exquisite! I love French Knots and you are doing such a great job by keeping them consistent. I keep gazing at your your threadpainting. I so want to take a class with you but live too far away.

HollyM said...

I don't know how you do that many. Let alone keep track of them! Is the green background fabric commercial or painted? It's perfect.

jojo said...


Bee said...

You are amazing! How do you keep track of them? Your work is exquisite.

Sam said...

Awesome, I hope you keep on counting. It'll be fun to know how many it takes.

Regina said...

Great card even before you add all those dandelions.

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